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Business Studies Student Award

With one out of every three jobs in Canada linked directly to goods and service exports, few would dispute that trade is a vital component of Canada’s economic health. By the same token, we believe the development of today’s youth – tomorrow’s international business leaders – is equally important.

Leaders of the Future

In a continued effort to foster an export culture in Canada, and create a workforce that is globally minded, the Alberta Export Award Committee is pleased to offer the Alberta Export Award for International Business Studies.

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated leadership, excelled in their international business studies (be it international business, finance, relations or economics) and have made a significant contribution to the export community in Alberta.

Application Form:

Get ready to submit your application form by preparing, in advance:

  1. A letter of reference from an employer or academic supervisor
  2. A detailed resume
  3. A narrative (a few paragraphs describing yourself. Tips below.)
  4. An official university or college transcript or equivalent performance document
  5. A photo of yourself (for promotional purposes if chosen)

During the application process, there will be space to input a few paragraphs about you. You may wish to include the following in your narrative to provide judges with more information about you:

• Relevant international research or business experience involving an export oriented company or the development of an idea that supports the Alberta export community.

• Commitment to international business or trade as reflected in your academic program, extra-curricular activities, foreign language training and/or participation in an international exchange program; and

• Demonstrated leadership you have provided in a variety of faculty, university or community activities.

Scholarship Details

Value: $500

Application Deadline: September 15, 2017
Eligibility: Open to individuals attending post secondary in Alberta and are actively involved in programs that involve international studies.

Second Criteria:
• Good academic standing
• Demonstrated leadership/initiative
• Exemplary/Outstanding contribution to Ontario’s export community


  • Complete the online application form below and provide as much information as possible. The online application form cannot be saved unless all documents are submitted. Ensure your documents are ready to upload prior to completing the forms.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the email listed below upon successful submission of the forms.
  • You may be requested to provide further information upon receipt of your application.


For more information on the award process, click here.
For more information on award categories, click here.
For more information or assistance with the online application system contact:

Casey Cooper-Briscoe
Alberta Export Awards


*Please Note:
The information on this form and any supporting documents are subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. The Information requested on this form is collected and used for the purposes of administering the 2017 Alberta Export Awards. All information provided to us will be considered as supplied IN CONFIDENCE. Photos and videos taken at the event may be used for promotional purposes.