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Why Attend

With several hundred delegates—many of whom hold executive leadership roles—the Alberta Export Awards provides a premier networking opportunity for attendees. Attending this event will allow you and your business to connect with leading and emerging industry decision-makers within the Alberta export sector.

“The world is knocking on Alberta’s door. Now is the time to stand up and show others how the province and country can lead globally on all fronts. Alberta must extend its reach and build strengthened relationships around the world if it is to take advantage of the many opportunities that the 21st century will offer.” – The Alberta International Office Report


Industry Attendees for AEA 2012

In 2016, Alberta exports rose by 15%

In 2015, more than 2.2 million Albertans were employed, international merchandise exports were $121 billion, and investment totaled $92 billion…

in 2014

in 2013

  • Alberta’s largest export markets were in the US (at $1.3 billion), and Japan and China (at nearly $900 million each).
  • Alberta’s agriculture exports showed strong gains in wheat and cattle.
  • Alberta saw nearly 10% increase in exports for oil and nearly 20% for gas.
  • All Alberta industries combined showed a total of over 6% gains in export activity throughout the province.

*Government of Canada statistics